Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The End - It Was Fun Nevertheless

It was a hard decision to make. But I came to this decision, one that I thought over well. This must come as no surprise to those (few) faithfull readers who came and visited my site as I haven't posted anything since May.

But you see, it wasn't worthwhile to continue. It seems as though no one is particularly interested in the political events of the small country located somewhere in the Carpathian Basin, Hungary.

So I bid farewell and leave a few suggestions to those who wish to continue reading about Hungarian events:

-Budapest Sun

-Budapest Business Journal

-Budapest Post

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Thanks for your support and understanding:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Breaking News: Police Officers Not Guilty of Rape Charges

Earlier today DNS tests revealed that the police officers did not rape the 21 year old Zsanett. As is known, five police officers were suspended for allegedly raping the young woman on May 4 while on duty in downtown Budapest.

There have been several conflicting accounts of the story so far; the police officers and their lawyers have said throughout that they were not involved in any sort of physical contact with the woman. One defendant's lawyer did admit, however, that there have been minor offences on the part of the policemen. For example, they didn't write a report and left their precinct when they followed Zsanett home.

This latest finding will certainly have a big impact on the whole political sphere as the main opposition party, Fidesz, had immediately demanded that the justice minister and police chiefs leave office after the rape allegations surfaced - the latest in a string of allegations against members of the force.

Ferenc Gyurcsany, the Hungarian PM, said Sunday that the justice minister had resigned and the national and Budapest police chiefs were dismissed in an effort to restore public confidence in the force after several criminal investigations involving officers.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Teenage Kicks, Thrills

Hungarian University students are becoming more radical, according to a recent survey, with 3% saying that vandalism has a place in political protest, and that they would damage private or public property. Around 7% say they would join instant demonstrations.

Recent findings also reveal that the Hungarian youth are becoming more family and nation-centered, and increasingly skeptical about globalism. Meanwhile, intolerance and radicalism have grown in recent years.

(Source: Budapest Business Journal)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Liberal Staff Threatened by Rowdy Extremists

Supporters of Jobbik (an extreme-right party), threatened the staff of the liberal party, SZDSZ, on Monday evening (30 April). SZDSZ planned to celebrate the 1st of May on Hajógyári Sziget as usual - they have been celebrating there for 17 years now - but on Monday during preparations, rowdy supporters of Jobbik coming from their party's program appeared at SZDSZ's tent and threatened workers of the liberal party with knives.

Apparently, the cause of the threat was that Roma (Gypsy) people were also working as staff at SZDSZ. Therefore, one staff member called the police.

As a result, the liberal party has cancelled their program for the 1st of May. SZDSZ does not want their staff and their supporters to be victims of extremist criminals, they explained.

Szabolcs Badacsonyi, an SZDSZ politician explained that SZDSZ has been celebrating at the Island for 17 years, Jobbik has also been celebrating there a couple of years now but there has been no conflict between the two parties until now. No one has been taken into custody, SZDSZ will decide later what they want to do.

Gábor Szabó, Jobbik Party Chairman is delighted that SZDSZ cancelled their program because 'there will be no conflict then', he stated.

(Source: FN, MTI)